How to hire

Why not take a spin?

Santander Cycles is London's self-service bike-sharing scheme for short journeys. You can hire a bike from as little as £2 for the day. There's no need to book - just find your nearest docking station, hire a bike, go for a ride, then return it to any docking station. Visit TfL to find out more.

Tip: Once you’ve paid the £2 bike access fee, you get unlimited journeys of up to 30 minutes during the next 24 hours. Longer journeys cost £2 for each extra 30 minutes.

Download the app

  • See live docking station information, availability and an interactive map on a unified screen – making it easier to find your nearest docking station.
  • Save your favourite docking stations.
  • Search with a wider range of criteria - including landmarks, underground stations or train stations.

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Blaze Lazerlights

Blaze Laserlights

Blaze Laserlights™ are made by Blaze, a London start-up that makes products for urban cyclists. Blaze laserlights project a light 6 metres in front of the bike so you're more visible to other road users. After a successful pilot, Blaze’s Laserlights are being integrated into the entire fleet of Santander Cycles. You can hire a Santander Cycle from as little as £2 per day. Visit TfL to find out more.