The annual and monthly subscriptions are designed for frequent users and commuters. Pay as you ride is designed for occasional users.

Once you’ve registered, you can use the scheme in a way that suits you. 

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Pay as you ride
(Casual users)
No annual fee
First 30 minutes per ride£1
Every additional 30 min£1
5 hours - 24 hours£10
Annual subscription
(Frequent users)
£5 / month - 12 months commitment
First 30 minutes per rideFREE
Every additional 30 min£0.50
5 hours - 24 hours£5
Monthly subscription
(Frequent users)
£10 / month - No commitment
First 30 minutes per rideFREE
Every additional 30 min£0.50
5 hours - 24 hours£5
Subscription charges

Monthly subscription renewals can be cancelled at any time, up to a week after renewal. Annual subscription renewals can also be cancelled at any time, up to two weeks after renewal.

Annual subscriptions have a 12 month commitment of £5/month, which means you will continue to be charged £5/month until you pay the full £60 even once you have cancelled your subscription.

*Please be aware that you may not be charged for your ride immediately. You card may be charged 24-48 hours after using the bike.

To correctly return a bike, you must return it to an official docking station.

Customer Card

For extra convenience, you can also choose to receive a customer card for a fee of £2 when you register.

This makes using the scheme even quicker and easier, as you’ll just tap the card on the bike computer to hire.

Additional charges

If a single hire exceeds 24 hours, you will have to be charged for the whole of the following day.

Additional charges will apply in the following circumstances:

Any Santander Cycle returned outside an official station:

  • First incident: £10
  • Second incident: £20
  • Third incident: £30

If a customer returns a bike incorrectly more than three times, their account will be closed.

  • Damaged bike: Up to £200 depending on severity of damage

Please check the terms and conditions for more details.

The nextbike App

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