The annual subscription is designed for frequent users and commuters. Pay as you ride is designed for occasional users.

Once you’ve registered, you can use the scheme in a way that suits you. 

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Pay as you ride (Casual users)
No annual fee
First 30 minutes per ride£1
Every additional 30 min£1
5 hours - 24 hours£10
Annual subscription (Frequent users)
£60 annual fee
First 30 minutes per rideFREE
First 60 minutes per rideFREE
Every additional 30 min£0.50
5 hours - 24 hours£5
If you’re a casual user (eg once a week), simply pay as you go each time you ride. Costs will be charged against the card you registered with.

You can also sign up for an annual subscription, which is ideal for frequent users as it gives you the first 30 minutes of each ride free.

You can also sign up for an annual subscription, which is ideal for frequent users as it gives you the first 60 minutes of each ride free.

*Please be aware that you may not be charged for your ride immediately. You card may be charged 24-48 hours after using the bike.

Customer Card

For extra convenience, you can also choose to receive a customer card for a fee of £2 when you register. 

This makes using the scheme even quicker and easier, as you’ll just tap the card on the bike computer to hire.

Discount for Brunel University London members

If you’re a Brunel employee or student with an email address, you benefit from a discounted £30 membership. You can also buy a termly membership for £10 per term, which correspond with official Brunel term dates. Simply select Brunel University London when registering, and choose your preferred subscription in the menu below.

Additional charges

nextbike will apply additional charges in the following circumstances:

  • Bike left unlocked after hire: £1
  • Lost or damaged lock: £25
  • Damaged bike: £75
  • Collection fee if a bike is not left at, or next to, a Santander Cycles docking station: £10 collection fee plus £1 per mile travel costs, dependent upon the location

Please check the terms and conditions for more details.

The Santander Cycles App

The perfect tool for help with station locations, availability, route planning as well as all your account information. Download now from the App Store.

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